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Our strategy balances relevance across key areas so brands like you earn market share
Earn Trust

Creating content that is culturally relevant ensures you earn coverage in top-tier publications, boosting trust signals online.

Build Awareness

Consistent brand messaging across multiple publications allows you to stand out as you boost brand salience.

Grow Organic Visibility

Ensuring coverage and backlinks are relevant to commercially valuable keywords is key to driving revenue-generating SEO traffic.

Increase Sentiment

Captivating your audience with relevant coverage allows you to increase positive sentiment with the right people who are likely to buy.

Ready to ignite SEO performance?

Data-Driven Content Optimization

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With Salient™, our Digital PR experts leverage data-driven content optimization and link building with confidence. Powered by our proprietary technology, we gain deep insights into the relevance of your landing pages and backlink profiles, enabling you to outperform your competitors and showcase tangible business value.

The benefits of Salient™

  • Remove the guesswork Get a data-driven approach to content optimization and link building.
  • Assess relevancy Assess the relevance of landing pages and backlink profiles to outperform your competitors.
  • Validate impact Validate the impact of link building and content optimization to showcase business value.

A complimentary Digital PR strategy for eligible brands

We invite select brands to join us for a complimentary ideation session. Utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of Salient™, we will present you with an actionable opportunity analysis report, propelling you swiftly towards the path of success.

Real Results

Walt Disney World, Florida

Elevating rankings and brand visibility during peak periods

Ocean Florida is a travel company specializing in vacation packages to Florida, USA. Leveraging our ability to secure numerous relevant links worldwide, we achieved the following:

The Result


Pieces of coverage


Increase in visibility


Increase in rankings position

  • 78% increase in site links
  • 51% increase in social followers
  • 60k applications
  • 35,000 email address collected
  • 42-35 increase in domain authority

Ready to ignite SEO performance?

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a strategic communication approach that merges traditional PR techniques with SEO link-building strategies. It revolves around crafting compelling, relevant brand stories and distributing them to the press to earn brand coverage, mentions, and backlinks. This coverage signals credibility and relevance to search engines like Google, enhancing organic visibility in search engine results pages while supporting brand awareness growth.

Digital PR focuses on earning high-quality, relevant coverage from top-tier publications by creating and/or promoting on-brand, creative, and engaging content. Any backlinks earned act as a vote of trust to Google, which boosts the website's rankings in search results. Simultaneously, the acquired brand-led, relevant, and engaging coverage increases brand awareness and authentically captivates the target audience. By combining storytelling, genuine outreach, and earned links, Digital PR shapes a strong online presence and fosters meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Why is Digital PR important for your brand?

Digital PR is crucial in building relevant market share as you grow your online presence. Earned coverage reinforces your key brand messaging to your target audience so that you boost brand awareness and build positive sentiment with current and future customers. To successfully earn coverage, Digital PR must be culturally relevant to increase the likelihood of top-tier media stories. Acquiring high-authority and relevant backlinks is a key part of Digital PR that supports organic visibility gains and grows brand website traffic and revenue. It is vital that these backlinks are high quality and relevant. The quality of content is always paramount - not the number of links acquired. At Journey Further, we know that links must connect to your brand directly, and to your business goals, in order to impact performance.

With improved organic rankings, brand websites gain visibility to your target audience, and you can expect a notable increase in organic traffic. More qualified visitors are directed to your site, presenting more opportunities for engagement and conversions. Digital PR's ability to drive relevant traffic contributes directly to your brand's revenue growth.

How does Digital PR fit in with a broader Organic strategy?

Digital PR helps brands build trust online. There are three key work streams to a brand's organic efforts:

1. Ensure discoverability by search engines by building a strong technical foundation
2. Develop relevant and interesting content that meets Google's EEAT standards
3. Build trust signals to grow authority above your competitors.

Digital PR is focused on earning additional trust signals through relevant coverage, brand mentions, and backlinks from high-authority sites. This trust enhances the EEAT of your existing content.

As a part of a larger organic strategy, Digital PR efforts start from SEO insights on opportunities to improve visibility through higher-quality, more relevant trust signals. Based on this insight, Digital PR practitioners leverage their toolkit to earn coverage with the highest propensity to build commercially valuable organic visibility.

At Journey Further, we also use our proprietary technology Salient to analyze the link profiles of both our clients, and their competitors. This data is then used to inform the right strategy for our clients.

What is the difference between Digital PR and traditional PR?

Digital PR and traditional PR are distinct channels with different objectives and activities. While experienced Digital PR teams can collaborate with in-house traditional PR teams and agencies to optimize results, it is important to recognize that they serve different purposes.

Traditional PR specialists primarily focus on increasing share of voice, expanding reach, and shaping public sentiment about a brand or company. While some of these objectives are shared, Digital PR is unique in its focus on building organic visibility, traffic, and revenue. With this objective in mind, Digital PR prioritizes earning high-authority, relevant backlinks directed to key commercial pages on a website. These backlinks play a crucial role in boosting the website's organic search rankings, thereby increasing its visibility to potential customers. Links are one of the most powerful ranking factors in SEO, so, at Journey Further, our innovative approach to Digital PR recognises the opportunity to correlate organic visibility against topical relevance.

Digital PR and traditional PR may employ similar tactics to earn media coverage. Still, the key differences lie in the objectives, the types of content promoted, and the metrics used for reporting.

For Digital PR, success is measured by the acquisition of coverage that signals credibility and relevance to search engines like Google, as well as improvements in brand awareness. By including SEO signals as measures of success, Digital PR can achieve goals similar to traditional PR while also boosting organic traffic and revenue.

Will Digital PR earn my website do-follow backlinks?

One key component of Digital PR is the acquisition of high authority, relevant backlinks to your website. These backlinks are earned through strategic outreach and content promotion to reputable publications, influencers, and industry experts.

Backlinks are essential signals to search engines, like Google, and indicate that your brand is trustworthy and authoritative in your niche. As a result, the more high-quality backlinks your website obtains, the higher your organic rankings will be in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Do-follow backlinks are not the only benefit of Digital PR. The increase in positive news coverage will build your brand awareness and increase positive sentiment with your target audience which has a halo effect across your online presence from increased CTRs to higher conversion rates and more brand searches.

What is a Digital PR campaign?

A Digital PR campaign is a strategic and coordinated effort to promote a brand, company, product, or service through earned media. This campaign serves as an owned creative asset or news story, created on behalf of a brand and strategically shared with the press. The primary objective is to secure relevant coverage and backlinks directed back to the brand's website, thereby enhancing search rankings and driving traffic and sales.

Such tent-pole moments can encompass a variety of approaches, including narrating compelling brand stories, promoting products, conducting data-driven studies or research pieces, and developing innovative tools or resources. By creating engaging content that piques the interest of journalists and their readers, Digital PR campaigns encourage social sharing and organic link growth, ultimately strengthening the brand's online presence and visibility.

What tactics does Digital PR use to earn coverage?

Digital PR uses a “news room” approach to track relevant conversations and ideates in real time based on the current cultural moment. Some common tactics used in Digital PR campaigns include creating data-driven studies, developing innovative tools and resources, collaborating with influencers, news-jacking, and crafting compelling brand stories. By promoting engaging and news-worthy content to journalists at reputable publications, Digital PR practitioners can secure valuable coverage and backlinks that contribute to the website's overall organic performance. At Journey Further, we take this a step further, tracking mentions of relevant terms to discover what will be trending in the future, using proprietary technology Pulse, powered by Salient. Coverage can then be tailored to the most newsworthy keywords, resulting in the highest uptake in publications, links, and overall performance uplift. We analyze URLs in bulk, to gain insight into what topics and terms are relevant to the content.

What is link relevance and why does it matter?

Most brands don't want links for links' sake. They want what links bring: increased organic traffic and revenue. Backlinks will only serve those goals and boost organic rankings when they're relevant to commercially valuable keywords.

Historically, the SEO industry has relied on metrics like Domain Authority and link volume to gauge the strength of a website's backlink profile. While these metrics are valuable indicators, they only provide a piece of the puzzle. Alone, they don't answer Google's primary question: which website is the most relevant and valuable resource for a particular query?

That's why a relevance-first Digital PR approach emerges as the winning strategy. Instead of simply pursuing link volume, the focus is on earning backlinks from authoritative and trustworthy sources that are contextually relevant to the brand's niche and target audience. By crafting compelling and valuable content tailored to the target audience's interests, Digital PR campaigns naturally attract coverage and backlinks from relevant publications, websites, and influencers.

By strategically integrating PR into broader SEO efforts, brands can establish a strong online presence, drive commercially valuable organic traffic, and boost brand awareness.

Can Digital PR achieve specific backlink guarantees?

Digital PR is strictly an earned media effort and cannot guarantee specific link volumes. Any link guarantee requires crossing the line into problematic backlink acquisition tactics like buying links, which is against Google policy. Earned coverage, as enabled by Digital PR, is the best path to building long-term off-page trust signals that will thrive beyond any future algorithm updates. At Journey Further, we guarantee an analysis of your site's link profile uncovering the quantity and quality of the links you have acquired.

What is required to enable Digital PR success?

The most successful Digital PR strategies are integrated across media efforts. Digital PR has a clear place in SEO, but it can play an important role in paid media, influencer, and organic social efforts as well. Great news stories that are culturally relevant are often worth promoting across a brand's digital presence to improve results and drive greater ROI.

At Journey Further, to achieve this integrated approach, our Digital PR practitioners enable an open dialog between stakeholders in key areas of the business, including teams focused on brand building, paid media, traditional PR, influencer, and organic social. By working together, these stakeholders can enable broader cultural conversations and limit duplicative work.

Digital PR can often be a reactive strategy that must remain flexible to respond to currently trending topics. Because of how time-sensitive the news is, Digital PR practitioners must be able to react quickly and have pre-approved messaging whenever possible. As an earned media channel, flexibility in media target lists also supports a greater chance of earning high-quality and relevant news coverage.

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